Scan all 7 slime variants:

Zephyrian Protoplasm

Chloroplasm (use beans on Zephyrian Protoplasm, you can find them in a crate in the ship cargo bay)

Metalmorph (use nuts and bolts on Zephyrian Protoplasm, you can find them in the pile of rubble by the river)

Oven-Safe Slime (use broken heat shielding on Zephyrian Protoplasm)

Plasmosaurus Rex (use dinosaur gummies on Zephyrian Protoplasm, you can find them in the)

Ramoeba (use the curly horn on Zephyrian Protoplasm, you can find it in the dusty remains in the Ruined City)

Amoeb-Orb (use the glass orb on Zephyrian Protoplasm, you can find it in the pile of laboratory equipment in the Dome)

Scan Zephyrian Lichen (in any of 3 locations where it’s clickable).

Outside of the Ship: Get up the cliffs and scan the ruins (you need to climb a Giant Chloroplasm; create a Chloroplasm here and use the Alien fertiliser on it. To get the fertiliser, use the beans on the machine in the Plant Research Station underneath the Dome).

By the River: Scan the pile of rubble, the cliffside carvings and the river itself.

Volcanic Vents: Scan the vents.

Ruined City: Scan the dusty remains. Also, visit the wasteland (you need to hop inside an Amoeb-Orb).

The Emerald Valley: Activate the big lift (create two Metalmorphs in the location; you'll need to bring one slime from a different location), get to the basement and scan the objects inside. To get to the Emerald Valley across the lava pool, you have to create an Oven-Safe Slime in the Volcanic Vents – if you then click on it, Rovie will cross the pool on its back.

The Dome: scan the Dome itself. Activate the small lift (change the Protoplasm on the metal plate into the heavy Metalmorph; to leave, just transform it back) and scan both the photos and the machine in the plant research lab.

Inside the cave: Scan the cave art and the sunken vehicles (you need to get inside an Amoeb-Orb to access the cave from the riverside).

Get a P-Rex and a Ramoeba in the same room (Ramoebas are following Rovie if it's holding the Tasty Zephyrian Lichen, which you can find by checking the emerald lichen in the Emerald Valley)

Access the Clearing south of Volcanic Vents and scan the pond (you need to get a Ramoeba in the Vents location, then click on the tree. The Ramoeba will ram it, get entangled and stuck. Then, create a P-Rex in the same location – it will charge at the Ramoeba and uproot the tree).

The max. number of points is 160, with 23 entries in the Database.